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Turnkey Marketing is a Lie

There is no such thing as Turnkey Marketing. People will tell you that it’s real, and they will pitch you on it, over and over again, but like unicorns & Prince Charming, this is a myth. The legend surrounding this myth starts with the pitch; “I have a turnkey marketing opportunity that is a perfect fit for your brand!! Step right this way & sign here!!” You’ve probably heard it time and time again, until you feel like you’re trapped in a bad dream.



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“Turnkey” is not a strategy, however strategy coupled with detailed execution is the key to smart marketing, which, in the hands of the right agency, can feel “turnkey” and easy.

In all reality, turnkey sponsorship packages, are smoke and mirrors. However turnkey logistics, are not. They are the result of careful planning and execution by the right team. Recognizing this will save you a lot of time, money and disappointment when your “turnkey” opportunity turns into an unexpected stress-bomb rather than the magical ROI machine that you were promised.

In theory, Turnkey Marketing means the vendor undertakes the entire responsibility of executing the marketing campaign. But what does “entire responsibility” actually entail without proper brand immersion? Would you really allow an outside company to represent your brand without them fully understanding your organizations wants and needs?

No one knows your brand, and the intricate inner workings of your organization better than you do. We look to collaborate with brands to help identify key messages based on a combination of insights, collected information and brand recommendations, to discover the best programs to engage fans.

A brand’s knowledge and experience are critical to the success of a campaign. Using that knowledge, we can assist in discovering new opportunities and provide program blueprints based on our brand analysis experience.

Now let’s talk about effectiveness. How much of an impact is your brand going to make if it is being represented in the exact same “turnkey” fashion as every other brand in the same program? If hundreds of uniform banners are pasted to a wall, do you notice any one of them more than another? Though we can handle the logistics, production, and staffing of any event activation, to allow you to keep your focus on the strategy and results that really matter, we never apply one paintbrush to all brand strategies.

We find the average event sponsor will only get 20 seconds or less of an attendee’s attention before they move on to the next activity. To make an impact, you need to know who they are and what makes them tick.

What makes your brand messaging stick with a fan is the message you deliver, and how you deliver it. If all brands were treated equally, and all marketing plans were “turnkey” no one brand would possibly compete in that environment. That’s why we make sure to treat each brand we work with differently.


Turnkey vs Stratomized by 4Fini


Time to get Stratomized!

Instead of ‘Turnkey”, we offer “Stratomized” Programs (strategically customized programs – yes, we totally made that word up, thanks for asking). In a “stratomized” program, the agency customizes strategy based on the client’s needs and then leverages their production capabilities to execute the program seamlessly. When the brand and agency work together to create the customized strategy, the activation is that much stronger.

If this approach sounds like a fit for your brand and you are looking to reach a youthful audience, let us stratomize just for you. We will ingrain ourselves in your company’s culture & business practices, developing a true understanding of your brands wants and needs so that we can help you break through the noise, reach that fan and with the right strategy, the right message, and a seamless, detailed execution make them an evangelist for your brand.


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4Fini has been in the business of helping brands grow through creative experiential marketing for 20+ years, by acting as an extension of the brand’s current marketing team. We understand that every brand has a unique message that deserves distinct strategies. We also know how to turn those strategies into effective activations. We have the ability to combine our strategy and production power to create powerful activations, customized for each unique brand.

Want to learn more about how we can help your team build a strategy to reach fans at events, at retail, or online? Let us help you strategically customize and execute your marketing needs!


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